I’m gonna pop some tags…

and make something fabulous! I did just that today after my trip to Goodwill. I found the score of the year today in a pair of New Balance capris for $2.97. Now don’t get me wrong, they were far from perfect, but I saw they had potential.


They had a wide leg at the bottom and I’m just not a big fan of those. I prefer running tights, so I fixed the little problem of them being wide legged at the bottom.


First, I had to pin up the leg and sew it. I did one entire leg first and traced the other one with chalk to determine where I needed to sew when I did the second leg. I was a little worried as to how the fabric would handle given that it’s spandex and polyester. Polyester slides like a mofo! These sewed very easily, my guess is the quality of the fabric made for a more pleasurable sewing experience. I first sewed a regular straight stitch right up the inside leg to make a new seam then did a zig-zag stitch because I do not have a serger and wanted to make sure I reinforced the seam.


After I did my zig-zag stitch, I chopped off the excess.


VIOLA! The finished product!

I also found this darling little dress…


Who am I kidding? It was pretty frumpy and it was a weird length, but I really really liked the top. Sooooooo, I cut off the dress part that I didn’t like annnnnnd….


it’s now something I will wear proudly!


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